Welcome to Ligentia Plus

A new home for Air & Cargo Services people.

We are on hand to help you through the transition.

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On 13 December 2018, Ligentia purchased the business and assets of Air & Cargo Services Ltd. As part of the transaction, the Air & Cargo Services team are joining Ligentia.

We understand you'll have many questions and we'll try our best to make your transition as straight forward as possible. We are genuinely excited to welcome you all on board!

We're stronger together


As a respected and knowledgeable member of the Air & Cargo Services team, it's our priority to ensure you feel welcomed and valued as we move forward with our integration process.

Most importantly we believe our teams will learn from one another and have huge potential to work together to drive our business forward.

What can I expect?

Over the coming weeks, you will get to meet members of Ligentia's Group Board and the leadership team. But in the short term there will be local briefing sessions to give you all the information you need about the integration process.

If you have any immediate questions or queries, we've set up a dedicated email.

Click on the link to send your personal question to: welcome@uk.ligentia.com

and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Things have happened pretty quickly, but we've tried our best to anticipate some of the burning questions you may have.

Ligentia Group is a leading global freight forwarder and supply chain management provider. We are Trusted Partner to some of the world’s leading companies. Ligentia's fast expanding global network of 70+ offices employs 450+ staff and will generate annual revenues of £160m in 2019.

Ligentia customers enjoy stability, reliability and agility underpinned by proven, innovative technology to drive supply chain performance and control.

No, the main elements of your terms and conditions will remain unchanged as a result of the acquisition by Ligentia.

You have transferred from Air & Cargo Services to Ligentia under TUPE on your current terms and conditions of employment, with your period of continuous employment being preserved.

Your reporting line will remain the same. If there were to be any changes they would be discussed with you at the time.

Naturally, we will have to review the operational fit between Air & Cargo Services and the Ligentia organisation ensures the delivery of high quality service to customers.

At this moment in time, we do not envisage any significant changes as a direct consequence of the acquisition. However, should this change for any reason, we will talk to employees at the earliest opportunity.

Will there be an opportunity to transfer to other parts of Ligentia’s business? Yes. This is one of the benefits of working for a larger company. Vacant roles are advertised on the careers page of LINKS (the Ligentia Intranet).

Yes. This is one of the benefits of working for a larger company. Vacant roles are advertised on the careers page of LINKS (the Ligentia Intranet).

Work wise, it is very much business as usual. Your manager will provide further instructions, particularly if there is anything specific that needs to be done differently, either as part of the transition or for the future.

Please note: More comprehensive Q&As are provided on LINKS, the Ligentia Intranet. You should receive your LINKS login in your welcome letter. Please keep your eye on LINKS as we will update the Q&As in line with the most common questions we get asked.

Customers. Our North Star.

At Ligentia Plus, we're happy to be defined by our actions.

Everything we do is guided by a simple principle: How can we make our customers' days easier and their businesses more efficient?

We believe that we're going to make a single, unbeatable global team and we're looking forward to you being part of it.

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